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Gunite Equipment, Cypress, TX

Across the country, millions of custom gunite pools provide enjoyment, exercise, leisure, and aesthetic appeal in private backyards. Thousands more are installed in motels, resorts, schools, colleges, athletic facilities, HOAs, and community home developments.

Property owners nearly always pick gunite pools over other types for a stunning, long-lasting swimming pool upgrade. Fiberglass and vinyl lining pools may be easier to build, have a cheaper initial cost, and provide fewer design options. However, they cannot hold a candle to their gunite counterpart's final product. At United Gunite Inc., we offer high-quality guniting services to pool builders in and around Cypress, TX.

What Is Gunite?

Gunite is a concrete mixture of sand, cement, and water applied using a high-pressure hose. Gunite cures (dries) to a rock-hard state, generating solid, structural strength. For decades, it has maintained a specific position in swimming pool construction. It is always used with steel (another strong building material) and an internal plaster finish layer.

Gunite Pool Construction Process

Before looking at the equipment used in gunite pool construction, it is essential to understand the process. Following the excavation of a pit for a new pool, technicians construct a web of steel bars called rebar. When precisely spaced, these metal rods form a cage-like structure that spans the whole length of the eventual pool and the spa, if one is included.

More steel is included in locations requiring additional support, such as a freestanding elevated wall or a deep end. Suspended several inches above the ground on concrete blocks, the grid is not in contact with the soil underneath it, leaving plenty of space to add more gunite. After installing the steel backbone, the pool is ready for gunite.

Equipment Used in Gunite Pool Construction

Gunite is the pool’s concrete shell, a dry mix of sand and cement. The equipment used in gunite pool construction is advanced yet simple.

The mixture is blown through a hose via a precisely pressured pump, and water is added to its nozzle. As the slurry comes out, the crew has complete control over the amount of water added and can make it of the required consistency.

The material moves at high speed and pressure while exiting the hose. Since we can make the material as dry/wet as we want, we can achieve the most robust and solid known concrete form. The shell can have a bond beam (pool wall top) as thick as 12” and runs to a floor of 6" thickness.

High-Quality Gunite Pools

Because of its durability and versatility, gunite has long been the industry standard for residential and swimming pool construction. We have invested in the most advanced equipment and tools which helps us complete swimming pool projects on time and within budget for our clients.

With us handling your gunite pool project, you can be sure that your pool will be perfectly finished, durable, and long-lasting with all the features and additions your clients need. At United Gunite, Inc., we provide you with all the information you need about Gunite. Our company offers customized services to swimming pool contractors for their projects. For more details, please drop us a line through this Online Form or call us at 713-730-2907.

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