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What Is Gunite?

Gunite Crew, Cypress, TX

Gunite and shotcrete are both types of concrete applied using a high-pressure air hose. Crews spray the substance over a steel bar reinforcement framework. At United Gunite Inc., we offer high-quality swimming pool installations using the best quality gunite materials and technologies.

While building a backyard swimming pool, you may often encounter the phrase "gunite." What is it, exactly? Is it distinguishable from concrete? And what is shotcrete—is it the same thing as shotcrete or something else? Gunite pools provide unmatched design versatility and aesthetic beauty. Let's review some of the fundamentals of this material and how it's employed in pool building.

Are Shotcrete and Gunite the Same Thing?

The critical point to remember here is that gunite and shotcrete are types of concrete. Between the two, gunite is the more commonly used word in relation to swimming pools. However, it is worth noting that gunite is a form of shotcrete.

True: Gunite is shotcrete's offspring. The technique and a single component are the only differences between them: Gunite is a dried mix watered on the worksite with a hose; shotcrete is a "wet mix" prepared previously and used at the site. Shotcrete includes gravel, while gunite does not.

Elements of Gunite Pool Construction

Here is some information about the process:

  • Gunite is a concrete mixture of sand, water, and cement applied using a high-pressure hose. Gunite cures (dries) to a rock-hard state, generating a robust and solid structure.
  • It has maintained a special place in pool construction for decades and is always used in conjunction with a steel and a plastered finish layer.
  • After excavating the site for the pool, teams construct steel bar grid work called rebar. When precisely spaced, the strong steel rods create a cage-like superstructure covering the future pool's length and additional features like a kiddie pool or spa.
  • If the client wants any half-height walls, water feature structures, or a deep end, we include additional framing and supports in those spots.
  • The cage is suspended a few inches above the ground, and we also add gunite under it.
  • Once we install the steel backbone, we start with the guniting work- spraying the mixture into the steel structure to produce a thick base and walls.
  • Gunite gives experts the flexibility to create unique pool designs.

Local Gunite Pool Installers

We have the skills to create an aesthetically pleasing structure with the shapes, depths, and curves you want. The gunite takes about three weeks to cure and dry, after which the crew will start the plastering to create smooth and seamless surfaces. Plaster waterproofs a gunite pool, and this final coating makes the sparkling inner surfaces that everyone sees. The extraordinary durability and design adaptability provided by steel, gunite, and plaster distinguish the entire product.

At United Gunite, Inc., we are here to provide you with all the information you need about Gunite. Our company offers customized services to swimming pool contractors for their projects. For more details, please drop us a line through this Online Form or call us at 713-730-2907.

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